Podcast 6 – The Quick Cast

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Podcast 6 – The Quick Cast

Welcome to 2012 people. 6to6 is back with another killer (exaggeration possible) podcast. This episode David and I delve into Australia’s tourism image, the killer topic of flowers and their declining sales/use in society. Oh there is a rant too. There is always a rant though.

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  1. ZionZion01-09-2012

    Awesome pod casts btw, love your work, however was wondering if maybe you can list on your next pod cast or relationship advice section.

    So the story goes,

    Been with my missus for almost 4 years now and her best friend is going on a 6 week euro trip to party, hook up with hot euro guys and come back to Sydney feeling refreshed, the dilemma is that my missus has been invited for the 6 week bender and she is hell keen

    Had a chat with her about it and my missus has said that she wont be hooking up and is only going for the sights and a new experience, however I still am feeling uneasy about the whole thing,

    Would you be comfortable allowing your partner to go overseas for a 6 week bender with her best mate (Best mates Quote “ will be hooking up with hot euro guys If can”) and to what extent would you trust her to not cheat.

    A bit of a weird request I know, but any advice is awesome.

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